Evidence-Based Programming Learning Center

Implementing an evidence-based program is a challenging and rewarding experience. For those who are providing the service to the community, such as facilitators, practitioners or therapists, this experience can be greatly improved by having a strong implementation plan in place and ensuring proper training is offered in order to implement the model to fidelity. Additionally, policy makers looking to scale a particular model or address a public health concern or a researchers looking to plan a study can benefit from accessing these resources and trainings.

Upcoming Events

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EVENT Description Date
New LST Spreadsheet for Outcomes Analysis (Webinar) Webinar September 5, 2018
Positive Action Data Tool Webinar Webinar September 5, 2018
PCCD Grantee Training Training September 21, 2018
2018 Triple P Level 4 Standard Training Training September-November, 2018
2018 Triple P Level 4 Group Training Training October-November, 2018