Research & Data Learning Center

Research and Data are valuable tools for policy makers, providers, and program developers.  The EPISCenter has a variety of resources availble to support the utilization of these tools for improving outcomes for families, kids and communities.  Periodically we host traings or networking events geared specifically towards these topics.

Research Resources

What do we mean when we say "Evidence-based"? : This resource explains the EPISCenter's approach to understanding levels of evidence on a continuum.  The goal? Stay away from programs that have some evidence of being harmful and move towards programs and practices that have stronger evidence.  

Penn State's Edna Bennet Pierce Prevention Research Center: The EPISCenter is a project of Penn State's Edna Bennet Pierce Prevention Research Center or the "PRC".  The scientists at the PRC support our work, and in turn we share back any lessons learned from the providers and policy makers we support.  

Data Collection Resources

Excel Based Data Collection Tools: EPISCenter has developed an Excel based data collection and reporting tool for most of the evidence-based programs on our menu.  Here is a resource that can help providers avoid common errors.  To access one of the tools see the page for that program.  Menu of Evidence Based Programs

Pre/Post Measures: Watch this video series,, to learn more about how to administer pre/post measures effectively, and use the data to understand program impact.

Fidelity Measures: Monitoring fidelity is a critical step for any service provider.  The first step in this process is to ensure the program in question has a clearly defined logic model.  Each program on the EPISCenter menu has a logic model and fidelity monitoring tools which can be found on the page for that progam. Menu of Evidence Based Programs   Remember that the goal in monitoring fidelity is simply to maintain or improve quality and that this process is always meant to be collaborative in nature.  Here's a resource than can help improve your undertsanding and use of fidelity monitoring tools! Ways to Bring Meaning to Your Use of Fidelity Observation Tools

Tracking Communities That Care Milestones and Benchmarks: As an evidenced based prevention planning strategy, the CTC program also has an excel based data collection and reproting tool.  The CTC Performance Measure Reporting Tool
supports coalitions in general coalition data collection and quarterly reporting to PCCD.

Upcoming Events

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