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Applicants for PCCD grant funding announcements are required to obtain two letters of acknowledgement for their training needs: one from the IYS Developer and one from the EPISCenter.  When possible, EPISCenter will coordinate statewide training here in Pennsylvania.

To inquire about Letters of Acknowledgement: 

IYS: Jamila Reid 

EPISCenter Implementation Specialist: 

 Due to COVID-19, the Incredible Years is currently offering virtual trainings that hold up to 15 participants.  For more information on these trainings click here!

Creating a Training Budget While Incredible Years training costs are set by the developer, EPIS has created the following table that outlines costs associated with IYS training.  This table represents cost(s) associated with IYS trainings in Seattle, WA as well as if a statewide coordination of IYS training would occur here in Pennsylvania. 

Itemized Training Costs BASIC or Dinosaur 3-day Training 
(any versions)
ADVANCE 2-day Training Consultation Day 
Trainer Fees and Travel Costs Trainer Fee  $5,550 $3,700  $1,850
Travel Day $825 $825  $825 
Airfare $800 $800  $800 
Car $300 $200 $100 
Hotel  $540 $360 $180 
Food  $240 $180 $60
Training Room Rental $300 $200 $100
 Total $8,555 $6,265 $3,915
Cost Per Participant if Hosted in Pennsylvania
Cost For Training Max $855.50 
(10 participants)
(10 Participants)
(8 Participants)
Min $342.20
(25 Participants)
(16 Participants)
(15 Participants)
Materials   Print & Bind Training Manual $25 $25  $25 
Required Textbooks Varies Varies N/A
Travel Participant Travel
(mileage, hotel, food)
Varies Varies  Varies 


Cost for Seattle-Based Trainings

While keeping in mind that every effort will be made to host IYS Trainings here in PA to keep training costs to a minimum, applicants should use the maximum fee for budgeting purposes.  Please note that the current cost for IY training in Seattle, WA is $690 per person.  Multiply this cost times the number of facilitators you propose to have trained.  Make sure to add in materials, mileage, lodging, and food costs for each attendee.  If your agency only has 1-3 group leaders who need training and there is no upcoming PA training in the immediate future, it might be more cost effective to consider a Seattle-based training.

Required Textbooks

Every participant that attends an IYS Training is required to own or have easy access to the required textbook(s) that correlate to the specific model of IYS he/she will be facilitating.  See required textbooks by IYS model below:

IYS Basic Group Leaders & IYS Advance Group Leaders: (Preschool/School-Age)

  • The Incredible Years: A Trouble Shooting Guide for Parents of Children 3-8 Years Old (by Carolyn Webster-Stratton) Single Copy price $24.95
  • Collaborating with Parents to Reduce Children’s Behavior Problems: A book for Therapists Using the Incredible Years Programs (by Carolyn Webster-Stratton) Single Copy price $26.95

IYS Small Group Leaders & IYS Dina Classroom Leaders

  • Incredible Teachers: Nurturing Children’s Social, Emotional, and Academic Competence (by Carolyn Webster-Stratton) Single Copy price $29.95

To download an order form, please visit:

For information about bulk ordering, bulk discounts, and/or to place an order, please contact Emily Barkley:, cc:

Accessing Scheduled IYS Trainings

In most cases, EPISCenter is made aware of IYS Trainings and Workshops that are being hosted in Pennsylvania.  If you are interested in being added to a list serve to receive notifications on available trainings, please email: Occasionally it is possible to travel to Seattle Washington and other locations for one of the regularly scheduled IYS training workshops. View the IYS international training schedule.

Ongoing Consultation Costs

It is strongly encouraged to utilize consultation calls with IYS as an opportunity to seek out feedback, advice, and assistance in regards to implementations.  Accredited Incredible Years trainers are available to provide consultation to administrators, group leaders, and therapists. These calls can be coordinated to include multiple people or individually.  For budgeting purposes, the cost for a consultation call with Dr. Carolyn Webster-Stratton is $235.00 for an hour.  Consultation calls scheduled with an IY Trainer are $210.00 for an hour. For more information related to IYS consultation calls, please visit: 

Accreditation Process

Please visit the following page for more information on the IYS certification/accreditation process:

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