The Pennsylvania Youth Survey (PAYS) Workbook & How-To Guide




This multi-faceted guide is best utilized when accessing the module-based online resource available by clicking here….Putting Your PAYS Data Into Action!




Analysis of PA Youth Survey (PAYS) data will lead to a deeper understanding of what youth are reporting and can assist in creating multi-level improvements through informed, data-driven decision making. The PAYS Guide was designed to help you and your team to get the most out of your PAYS data by offering planning tools to:

  • Analyze PAYS and Supporting Data
  • Determine Targets and Priorities
  • Conduct a Resource Assessment
  • Explore Evidence-Based Programs
  • Create an Action Plan
  • Share Your Results

In each module, you will find an extensive library of worksheets, report examples/templates, and other supporting resources that will assist with successful PAYS analysis and planning.

Questions? Contact EPIS if you have questions about the PAYS or about any of the workbook/supplemental materials.

Since 2013, the Pennsylvania Youth Survey has been made possible by the generous support of: