Past Training and Events

The Blues Program Learning Community

  • Apr 15, 2024; 1:00pm — Apr 15, 2024; 2:00pm

Join us for this Blues Program Learning Community meeting on Mon. April 15th at 1PM! The meeting provides a virtual space for those currently implementing the Blues Program in their community and those interested to gather together and receive up-to-date information, network with other prevention professionals, and share experiences that will help encourage and support your prevention work!

Social Development Strategy (SDS) Workshop

  • Mar 18, 2024; 9:00am — Mar 19, 2024; 11:00am

During this interactive 2-day workshop, via Zoom, participants will learn the theory and outcomes associated with using the Social Development Strategy, explore the SDS Components in detail, and begin to create strategic plans for incorporating SDS into their own community prevention plans. Anyone working with youth in their community is welcome to register.

FFT Provider Meeting

  • Feb 23, 2024; 9:30am — Feb 23, 2024; 10:45am

Join us for this FFT Provider Meeting on Friday, Feb. 23rd at 9:30AM via Zoom. This provider meeting is open to current or future providers of the FFT program and will include conversations about FFT Clinical Training, Provider goals for 2024, Updates from FFT, LLC, and the new Prevention Learning Portal!

EPIS Learning Community Call - CPA: Prevention Week and the Annual Conference ft. Jeff Hanley

  • Feb 13, 2024; 12:00pm — Feb 13, 2024; 1:00pm

During this Learning Community we will explore networking and professional development opportunities provided by the Commonwealth Prevention Alliance. This event is great for all prevention professionals and community members interested in prevention efforts. The call will be held on Tues. Feb. 13th at 12PM via Zoom. 


Triple P Learning Community for Practitioners

  • Jan 23, 2024; 9:00am — Jan 23, 2024; 10:00am

This Triple P Learning Community is being held for all Triple P Practitioners across Pennsylvania. This is a statewide meeting for practitioners to share what is going well and lean on others to help think through strategies to overcome any challenges.

Join us for the Learning Community on Tues. Jan. 23rd, 2024 at 9AM EST on Zoom! Register below to attend!