Coalition Check-Up Project


Introduction to CCU

The Coalition Check-Up Project is a technical assistance model for coalitions which provides regular, proactive, relationship-based, and data-informed technical assistance. The four steps of this process include:

  1. Collecting coalition data
  2. Reviewing data collected
  3. Making decisions with those data
  4. Implementing those decisions

Check out the following video, aired during PA Prevention Week in 2021: An update on the Coalition Check-Up Project.

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PA Prevention Week 2021: Sarah Chilenski + Heather Crook: An update on the Coalition Check-Up Project from Commonwealth Prevention Alliance on Vimeo.


Project Reach

The Coalition Check-Up Project is currently being conducted in Pennsylvania and Missouri counties. For a list of coalitions involved, and their locations, see the following maps. Last updated: 6/20/2022


Project Results/Research

"Effects of Intersectoral Resource Sharing on Perceived Community Improvement and Sustainability of Community Drug-Prevention Coalitions: A Social Network Analysis" (SPR 2022)

Data from the Coalition Check-Up Project has provided insight into how collaboration among community sectors within a coalition can be beneficial to the success and sustainability of community coalitions. This abstract describes how sharing personnel, monetary resources and information may impact outcomes.

"Protocol for a hybrid type 3 cluster randomized trial of a technical assistance system supporting coalitions and evidence-based drug prevention programs" (Implementation Science)

The Coalition Check-Up Project aims to demonstrate how coalitions can achieve desired youth outcomes by combining “light-touch” technical assistance and evidence-based program implementation.  This paper discusses the methods used in the CCU project as well as the anticipated benefits this process has for supporting coalitions.