A Validation of SPEP™ in PA

This report provides a validation test of the Standardized Program Evaluation Protocol (SPEP™) as it has been applied in Pennsylvania since 2013. The analyses presented here have integrated two data sources: 1) centralized records regarding service provision kept as part of the SPEP™ implementation process in multiple counties across the state, and 2) individual level information about adolescents who were enrolled in services that took part in the SPEP™ process. This set of analyses contribute to a larger effort, the Juvenile Justice Systems Enhancement Strategy (JJSES), to build an infrastructure for more effective juvenile justice services statewide. The current analyses provide information about the relations between SPEP™ ratings and recidivism, as well as suggestions for refining this process. This report represents one of only a few empirical examinations of the SPEP™ process and impact across the nation.

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